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Half Bath Remodel

When you are wanting to update an existing bathroom, make sure to first shut off the water and disconnect plumbing. Next you would remove the vanity, followed by mirror and fixtures. (TIP: make sure electric is off) Using a flatbar, gently pry the area between wall and mirror while pulling with other hand (Safety tip: make sure you are wearing gloves to protect your hands as well as safety goggles. There is still a chance the full length mirror will shatter so make sure you are carefully to not get cut). Remove the flooring (in this case we had laminate flooring that needed to be scraped off). Paint the walls and install new flooring (tile works great in bathrooms). Install new vanity (reconnect plumbing) and add a decorative backsplash. We used a beautiful groutless stone look that gave us an expensive feel with a low cost. Using thinset you can apply the backsplash directly to the drywall. Install your new lighting, connect your electric and you have a bathroom that your friend will be envious of. Follow us on Facebook for more home improvement projects!
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